Fu Cheong (International) Company Limited

Fu Cheong (International) Company Limited is an experienced and large-scaled hardware company, which specializes in selling different kinds of transportation facilities such as ladders, trolleys and plastic deck trolleys etc.Each and every of our product is mostly suitable for your usage, to improve the quality and efficiency of transportation, as well as to reduce one's cost!

Furthermore, our company is equipped with the most advanced computerized machines to improve production speed, in order to provide suitable and high-quality products to our customers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, as well as Japan.Throughout all these years, we try our best to attract more customers and thus, we have become one of the well-known hardware companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China.Please feel free to contact us by the following number or e-mail address.

Our excellent service, friendly staff and our reliable products should be your best choice

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Address:Room M, 28/F., Shield Industrial Centre, 84-92 Chai Wan Kok Street,Tsuen Wan
Tel: (852) 2332 7678
Fax: (852) 2780 9194
Email: fucheong3@gmail.com